Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse – Concept Art

Home Depot Battle by Sam Flegal

Home Depot Battle by Sam Flegal

I never thought Zombie Portraits would lead to anything, except for maybe more Zombie Portraits, but it did. Back in 2013 I was asked by Marc Scheff to do Zombie Portraits for the Shogun Rising Kickstarter campaign. As a result I ended up drawing a portrait of Chris Landon as a zombie. A few months later Chris contacted me about doing some art for a pitch for his new movie. Turns out Chris Landon is a Director and working for Paramount Pictures! In particular he was working on a new zombie movie called “Scouts vs Zombies.”

Zombie Deer Attacks! by Sam Flegal

Zombie Deer Attacks! by Sam Flegal

Chris wanted me to depict a couple of scenes from the movie for a meeting he had with Paramount executives. In particular he wanted me to do a scene where the Scouts go to a hardware store and using their merit badge skillz to make zombie slaying weapons. We also agreed on a scene where the scout master is attacked by a zombie deer. I pushed for that because a zombie deer just seemed too cool.

I did the art back in February of 2014, now a year and a half later I’m very excited to share it! For these pieces I did original drawings on toned paper and then colored them digitally for speed.

"Home Depot Battle" 9"x16" original tone drawing by Sam Flegal. $300

“Home Depot Battle” 9″x16″ original tone drawing by Sam Flegal. $300

"Zombie Deer Attack!" 9"x16" original tone drawing by Sam Flegal. $200

“Zombie Deer Attack!” 9″x16″ original tone drawing by Sam Flegal. $200

Both drawings are for sale if anyone is interested please e-mail me: sam at samflegal dot com.

It’s so cool to see this project come to life. I can’t wait to see the movie this Halloween! I’ve watched the trailer a few times and it looks like some of my weapon designs made it into the film. Here is the trailer, it is RED BAND and NSFW or children:

I want to give a shout out to my buddy Seth Roush for posing for the scouts, as well as my buddy Scott Mizis for posing for the zombies. Also my brothers Marlo and Gabe Posadas who didn’t know it but also posed for some zombies! Thanks Guys!!!


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