Month of Fear – Week 1 “Villains”


Normally on my blog I post about my art, what cons I’m doing, and that sort of thing, but this month I’m trying something a little different. Kristina Carrol has put together a group of artists to participate in a weekly art challenge for the month of October. This project is called, “The Month of Fear.”

I’m one of the participating artists, but I’m not going to talk about my art just yet. Instead each week I’m going to pull out my favorite pieces from the Month of Fear and post them here.

The challenge for Week 1, was Villains and Anti-Heroes.

To see all the amazing art CLICK HERE.

These are in no particular order. Just pieces that spoke to me, and made me want to write about them.

Dawn Carlos – Dracula ala Beast Mode


I really enjoy the ink look achieved here, and the energy of the strokes. Dawn is working digitally, and has captured a nice horrific piece.

Waving Monster Studios – Vlad


Alright, I admit I might have a thing for vampires. But when you come across a painting this sweet and disgusting how can I resist! I don’t know much about Waving Monster Studios, a quick google search tells me this is the art of Emily Hare. Great work Emily!

Iris Compiet – Jekyll and Hyde


Talk about killing it, damn Iris! When I saw this piece I knew I didn’t work hard enough on mine. Done in graphite, gouache and photoshop. Perfectly captures the story, you don’t even need the title to get it. Super creepy. Love it!

Jana Heidersdorf – Peter Pan


I love the choice of Peter Pan as a villain. A few years back I re-read Peter Pan, and as an adult Peter comes across as an evil little shit. Maybe it’s perspective, but maybe kids are just terrifying. Done in pencil and digital. I love the expressive pencil lines. Great work Jana!

Kirk Shannon – Nosferatu


Both done for Inktober and Month of Fear. Kirk is tackling 31 horror icons in 31 days. This one turned out great! Kirk’s got his work cut out for him. Of course I love it because you know… vampire. Excellent piece done in ink!

Kristina Carroll – Gabriel


Although this one would upset my mother, I love the idea of angels as villains. I also love the subtle tones Kristina achieves in this painting. She’s working in oil paint, and as a fellow painter let me just tell you this is freakin’ hard to pull off!

Rovina Cai – Frankenstein’s Monster


The line work in this piece is just sick. Amazing stuff. I wasn’t very familiar with Rovina’s work before the Month of Fear, admittedly I can be a bit of a hermit. I’ve since corrected that. Treat your eyes to a look at her website. Your welcome!

Samuel Araya – Rawhead Rex


I love the legend of Rawhead Rex. This piece is based on the Clive Barker story, but I’m more familiar with the old southern folktale. Great work by Samuel! Done digitally.


Alright, that wraps up week 1. Really excited to see more!


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