Month of Fear – Week 4 “What Lies Beneath”


Welcome to Week 4 of “The Month of Fear.”

You can also see Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3 if you need to get caught up.

The challenge for Week 4, was What Lies Beneath, Beneath the skin, beneath the ground, beneath the ______.

Here is this weeks quote curated by Kristina Carroll:

“Deep in earth my love is lying
And I must weep alone.”
― Edgar Allan Poe

To see all the amazing art CLICK HERE.

I’ve been traveling a lot the last couple weeks. So I just got a chance to sit down and take a good look at Week 4 of the Month of Fear. “What Lies Beneath” is a very conceptual topic and doesn’t speak to me as strongly as say witches. That said there are still some wonderful pieces this week. Here are five I picked to talk about.

Again in no particular order. Selected simply because I like them and felt inspired to write about them.

Samuel Araya – By the Light of the Moon


When I first saw this piece it made me smile. I am drawn to the idea that within each of us is a little Pan, and a bit of mischief. Done digitally.

Lindsey Look – Manifest


Water freaks me out. Especially dark murky water. This piece made me uncomfortable, which to me means Lindsey nailed it! Done in oil paint.

Max Temescu – Ice


This would make a great comic book cover for a horror anthology. Once again with water being scary. Nicely executed. Very creepy.

Miranda Meeks – What Lies Beneath


Eww! Worms, tentacles, water, this is a check list for gross and scary. This piece is handled so elegantly by Miranda. It really spoke to me. Nicely done!

Jay Bendt – Red


Red Riding Hood at the end of the story. I love how graphic this piece is. Done in ink and digital. This piece really caught me eye. At first I thought is that wolf eating that girl. Nope! She done killed it!


That’s the end for week 4. Next week The Danse Macabre


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