The Hávamál Project – Day 21, verse 139

Havamal_V139_text_webIf you’re following my Hávamál Project closely you may have noticed that I missed posting yesterday. That’s because I was so inspired by today’s verse that I lost myself in it’s creation. Most of the Hávamál drawings have been taking between 2 and 4 hours. This one took over 11 hours.

Verse 139 is important. It begins the last, and most famous group of poems in The Hávamál explaining how Odin (Othin) obtained his magic:

The windy tree: the ash Yggdrasil (literally “the Horse of Othin,” so called be cause of this story), on which Othin, in order to win the magic runes, hanged himself as an offering to himself, and wounded himself with his own spear.

– Notes from Bellows


Today also marks 3 full weeks of posting. As I said in my first post I will be taking a break to enjoy the Yuletide Season with friends and family. My goal is finish at least 30 days of Hávamál drawings. I will resume posting January 2nd.

Glad Yule!


If you want to read more about my Hávamál Project check out DAY ONE.

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I invite you to take this journey with me. You can find the Bellows translation of the Hávamál HERE. If you have a favorite passage share it with me either via e-mail or social media.

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