The Hávamál Project – Day 31, verse 143


Today’s verse was very important to me because it’s the verse I used to name my series of paintings on Norse Lore. I call my series Fateful Signs. I’ve even created a new logo and website to feature Fateful Signs:

Fateful Signs Logo-2

Today also marks the last day of my Hávamál Project (see DAY ONE). I’ve completed 31 ink drawings, and so today’s verse was also special for that reason. So I wanted to spend a little extra time on it. For that reason I made today’s drawing larger than the others at 16″ x 20″. I did the same for Verse 139


As I searched for the image in the ink blobs I knew the piece would be about Odin. He is the King of Singers after all. As I developed the image I also found Frigga and Fenris. Of course there are runes and fateful signs as well. In the end it turned into a wheel of Odin’s journey. I felt this was fitting.

Thanks for following along with me as I completed my Hávamál Project. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the drawings and my process; perhaps you even found some wisdom and fateful signs of your own!


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