The Illustrated Hávamál


If you’ve been following me for the last few months or more, you know that back in December 2015, I dedicated 31 days to illustrate “The Hávamál”, a collection of ancient Norse wisdom, written down in about 1270 CE. A lot of folks have been asking me to collect all the drawings into a book, so I did!

Here is the LINK

SamFlegal_Illustrated_Havamal_1I present you with “The Illustrated Hávamál.” This 104-page book explores the meaning behind the ancient collection of Norse wisdom through a series of meditative ink drawings.

With your support, I will be able to create a truly beautiful art book that honors both the original text, translated by Henry Adams Bellows in 1936, and the time and energy I’ve placed in interpreting the verses through illustration.

In order to help spread the word I’ve created some custom graphics. Please feel free to download and share in whatever way you like best. If you’d like a custom graphic with your favorite image from”The Illustrated Hávamál,” message me and I will personally make you one!



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