Odin on a Windy Tree (LE Silk Screen)

I’m excited to share that the Limited Edition Silk Screen Prints of “Odin on a Windy Tree”are all done!

I’m going to be signing and numbering each of these and then shipping them out to my Kickstarter backers over the next month.

If you’re not on of the 60 lucky folks to be getting a print, but now that you see how freakin’ sweet they are you want to order one, then you’re in luck. There are 40 prints left to be sold, first come first serve. HERE IS THE LINK.

Thanks to all my backers and supporters!




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2 thoughts on “Odin on a Windy Tree (LE Silk Screen)

  1. Looking sweet! It is always a treat to see some slick silkscreen prints. I’m just curious if you do your own printing, or contract it out? Do you happen to know what type of paper this is on? Nevertheless, keep up the amazing work!

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