Drinking Horns!


About a week ago, I got in all the drinking horns. Each one was hand carved by Brian Marshall. I’ve looked over each of them, taken some photographs and they look absolutely beautiful. I’m so happy with how they turned out! Brian did some amazing work!!!


The horns he selected have a wonderful ivory finish that fades down to black. This allowed Brian to reveal the deeper black layers of the horn as he carved into them. In places it almost feels like he was using a brush, the line work has such a delicate feel. Such incredible work, you really need to see them in person!


Brian and I have each been asked by a number of people if we’d be offering more horns in the future. We worked out the details, and I’m excited to say yes! If you missed getting a horn during the Kickstarter you can now order one at www.fatefulsigns.com



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