2 New Hoedkin

Chill Hoedkin

Though short in stature, this Hoedkin loves good food, good beer, and a good smoke, to the point that his edges have rounded a bit. He prefers to live in a home where folks appreciate a little slower pace and the “finer” things in life. Not to say that he won’t help out around the house when needed, but don’t expect anything too fast! He’ll get around to it. Don’t forget your little friend at meal time, otherwise he might get a bit more mischievous than a family appreciates.

Original painting done in oils and measures 9″x12″.


Tea Hoedkin

Here we have an example of an old house spirit, specifically of the Kobold variety from Germany. Most likely he’s been with your family for many generations and may have followed your ancestors from the old country. Don’t let his age or demeanor frighten you, he’s an old softy deep down. He has a love for a hot cup of tea, and spending time with friends and family.

Original painting done in oils and measures 9″x12″.


You can read more about the Hoedkin – http://www.fatefulsigns.com/hoedkin/



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