Let the Kickstarter Spice Flow!

One of the exciting things about Kickstarter’s Make 100 program is that it has encouraged so many of my artist friends to make amazing art and share it with the world via crowdfunding. The idea is simple, make a project with a Limited Edition of 100.

Let me share the talents of my friends with you!

Allen Panakal is offering a LE print of “Knight of Jupiter,” from his story Ancient Ones.


Knight of Jupiter


Tawny Fritz chooses to battle the difficulties in her life with art, the result of which is a LE print of her personal painting “Adia.”




Eli Minaya has a whole a bundle of things including LE prints, a sketchbook, and an Enamel Pin all centered around his painting of “Keter” for Angelarium.




Gavin Valentine is making his first sketchbook, called Elsewhere. The LE version contains an original drawing by Gavin!




Stephen Najarian is stepping it up with a LE print of his latest painting “Lord of Night.”


Lord of Night



Tyler Walpole is giving us all a peak into his world called Blood of Dragons through a LE print of his painting “Spirit Dragon.”


Spirit Dragon

Oh and I’m still running a Kickstarter too!


Runes Shalt You Find




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