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IMG_7450Fateful Signs presents a collection of ink drawings, by artist Sam Flegal, illuminated on shining metal and mounted on wood. These prints make the perfect home décor for any rustic Viking or modern follower of the old ways.

All printed, hand mounted, and shipped in time for Yule!

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 8.37.40 AM

You guys kept asking me, “what’s next?” Well I’m excited to share that I’ve created these metal prints! Over the last several months I’ve been working with my printer and experimenting with different surfaces. The prints on metal turned out great, so I tried out a few different images. I loved the way the color turned out on “Thor’s Hammer with Odin’s Ravens,” so I started with that.


I wanted a way to make the image feel complete. One thing I’ve learned is that you guys love art that feels finished and is ready to hang on the wall. I personally really like the “rustic” look that’s very popular right now so I tried mounting the metal print on wood… and wow! I LOVED IT!!!


After that it was just a matter of making more cool metal prints! I often get asked for prints of the Fateful Signs logo, because let’s face it, ravens are metal, runes are metal, and Huginn and Muninn are certainly metal. Of course the logo would look killer as a metal sign!


And finally I wanted to try a different shape and something bigger. I’ve always like the circular nature of “Runes Shalt you Find.” The drawing showcases the circle of Odin’s life, and also the wheel that we all turn on. It’s a big print, the wood is 24″ diameter, and I think it turned out amazing!


In order to get a feel for the size here are some picks of yours truly holding the new metal prints:

preview-logo-colorHere is the link to back the Kickstarter:


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