2013 Year in Review

Freyr's Last Stand by Sam Flegal

Freyr’s Last Stand by Sam Flegal

In the process of getting ready for Spectrum 21, I take the time to review all the art I created in the previous year. In 2013 I painted 17 Oil Paintings, 5 Digital Painting, did more drawings than I can count, and turned over 70 people into zombies. I also wrote 76 new blog posts, bringing my total posts to 233. In addition to all that I did 18 conventions and was a guest at 9 of them, and ran 2  successful Kickstarter projects. It was a busy year!

According to my blog records my most popular painting of last year (and of all time at this point) was Freyr’s Last Stand (shown above). The painting that I did for the 2013 Illustration Master Class. An experience that I must say changed my life both personally and professionally. I’ve talked a lot about IMC over the years, and I must say there is nothing like it, the skills I learned and friends that I made are invaluable.

As I discussed in my last post, I started a weekly web show with Peter Mohrbacher called One Fantastic Week.


I’m not sure I have any major thoughts on 2013, other than that it was a great year. I’m proud to see my art grow, and humbled to be surrounded by so many wonderful people. If January is any indication 2014 is also going to be a great year!


 To see more of my work or to contact me for availability to help with your project please visit: www.samflegal.com



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