Hoedkin are House Spirits

Dust Hoedkin

“Dust Hoedkin” 9″x12″ Oil Painting by Sam Flegal

I began research on house spirits about a year ago. It turns out that throughout most of Europe people believed that their homes had spirits. Little creatures that helped look after the health and luck of the family members and animals that lived in the home. With a little more research I found that almost every culture believed this, even early Christians as a hold over from their Pagan roots.

As I research various religions I love when I come across universal commonalities. To me this is an indication that I’ve discovered a truth of the human experience. While I think the regional differences are also important to celebrate, I love learning the ways in which people across the world are the same.

I also think the concept of House Spirits is something we feel, both in our own homes and when we visit others. Places have energy that the people who spend the most time there bring to them. It’s only natural that we would personify that energy.

So that’s how I discovered Hoedkin. They are the little spirits that help protect homes and bring luck to the family that lives with them. They can be a bit mischievous, but they always mean well, unless of course they’ve been ignored. Honor your house spirit and together you can make your house a home.

Hoedkin have been known by many names House Wight, Kobold, House Alf (or Elf), Brownie, Boggard, Pixy, Nisse, Tomte, Gnome, and many more. In days of old folk honored the little folk and brought good luck into their homes. It was common to keep a small statue or painting representing your house spirit in a place of prominence in your home, most commonly the mantle above the hearth.

I began my research with the intent of finding a Hoedkin for my own house. At first I read various stories of the little luck bringers, how to honor them, and how to attract them. Soon I found myself doing little paintings of various House Spirits I read about. I’ve only finished a few so far, but I’ve yet to find my Hoedkin. Instead I’ve found ones that belong to other people. Perhaps one of them belongs in your home!

I’ve decided not to name my Hoedkin, as I want the people who end up with each painting to find the name of their Hoedkin as apart of bringing the painting into their home. So this first little guy I call Dust Hoedkin:

He likes to hang about the office and/or studio of his family and help keep things organized. From time to time he may take some small office supplies for his own use, but in return he will inspire and bring a bit of luck to those who find themselves working at home!

Good Luck!


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