Illustration Master Class – Ragnarok (Frey vs. Surt part 1)

This year for the Illustration Master Class I decided to do the Viking Battle project. As you can imagine I was very excited this was one of the options! I chose to focus on a scene from Ragnarok when Freyr battles Surt.

For those unfamiliar with the Norse story here is the quick version:

Frey falls in love and gives away his magic sword to win his maiden fair. Fast forward to the end of the world and all Freyr will have to go into battle with is a stag horn. (Frey is a fertility god and the stag is one of his totems). Surt, the mighty fire giant king, who wields a sword of fire brighter than the sun, destroys Frey when they meet in battle, and ultimately burns the whole world.

So here was my first idea, the sketch I took to IMC:


Freyr leads his troops into battle and spots Surt in the distance rushing toward him. All in all not a bad sketch.

and here is what I just finished after LOTS of feedback from the instructors:


Frey rides into battle leading his troops, when all of a sudden he hears the battle cry of Surt! Frey turns his mount, the golden boar Gullinbursti, and tries to face the Fire Giant, but doom is upon him!


As you can see they took my good sketch and made it AWESOME!!! I’m very happy with the results and looking forward to getting into the paint.

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