Liberty or Death

"Liberty or Death" Oil Painting by Sam Flegal

“Liberty or Death” 18″ x 24″ Oil Painting by Sam Flegal

My latest painting features my take on a Norse Valkyrie. In Norse Mythology, Valkyrie serve as Odin’s warrior women and the “Choosers of the Slain.” As with Odin there is a strong connection between the Valkyrie and the raven. The other main task of the Valkyrie is to hold the holy mead horn at the great hall in Asguard.

For “Liberty or Death” I did a series of videos showing my process:

And here is the tone drawing:

"LIberty or Death" 12"x16" tone drawing by Sam Flegal

“LIberty or Death” 12″x16″ tone drawing by Sam Flegal

The drinking horn design is based on the work of Brian Marshall over at Where the Gods Live.


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