Month of Fear – Week 2 “Mirrors”


Welcome to Week 2 of “The Month of Fear.”

The challenge for Week 2, was Mirrors.

I didn’t realize it last week, but Kristina Carroll is adding awesome quotes to go with each challenge. Here is this weeks:

Reflection, deception, spirits and secrets. Mirrors see and keep them all.

“For I do not exist: there exist but the thousands of mirrors that reflect me…”
Vladimir Nabokov

To see all the amazing art CLICK HERE.

This week I selected six paintings to talk about. Again in no particular order. Selected simply because I like them and felt inspired to write about them.

Brynn Metheney – Self Portrait


Nothing says “Mirror” quite like a self portrait. When I first saw Brynn’s drawing, done in pencil on bristol, it stood out as SUPER WEIRD. As my reader’s know, I love weird! The more I looked at it I realized that Brynn didn’t just capture her own self portrait she actually created a portrait of all artists. I often feel like a scavenger tied to a jack ass being pecked apart by crows. And there you have a perfect mirror. Brynn drew a self portrait and all I see is myself.

Carly Janine Mazur – Reflection and Reverse


Carly nailed it. She’s such a great painter. These two were done in oil and acrylic. I can’t image a more perfect answer to the “Mirror” challenge. Nicely done.


Jana Heidersdorf – Moth


Moths are creepy. Their wings are certainly a reflection, and fit the “Mirror” challenge, and that’s all good. But in truth I just really dig this painting. Done in Acrylics, with Gesso and Pencils. Jana captures a great image. I love all the little faces hidden in it. All in all it just looks so strange and wonderful. This one rewards you for looking at it longer.

Kiri Østergaard Leonard – Troll Mirror


Kiri chose to do the troll mirror from the Danish folktale by H. C. Andersen’s ‘The Snow Queen.” Reflected in the mirror is Kai after he has begun turning cold. I love trolls, and folklore, and Kiri’s art. Great work!

Tiffany Turrill – Birth of Ashes


Based on one of Tiffany’s favorite books Greer Gilman’s “Cloud and Ashes.” I’m not familiar with the story, but I really like this image. Really damn creepy, great composition and value control. I love crows and ravens. Awesome!

Ashly Lovett – Reflection


This piece hit me hard. It was almost like a deja vu experience, except it wasn’t a painting I’d seen before, more like a dream. Done in chalk pastel.If you are interested in the process of this piece, check out Ashly blog If you’re into art it’s a great read. She’s doing stuff I never even thought about. Killer piece!


That’s the end for week 2. Next week is all about Witches and Devils, so naturally I’m excited!


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